Predator: The Man Who Didn’t Exist

Struggling with a section of the book at 447 pages. Simply said, so much data. At the point in the story I am writing, Delmer Smith is in the Pinellas County Jail. He has violated his federal parole and discovered that doing that really makes United States Marshalls upset. (I just had a flashback to the TV Series Gunsmoke where Matt Dillon shoots a guy down who drew on him.) Pinellas County jail is the only jail close nearby that is set up to hold Federal Prisoners. Why that is I don’t know. I thought a jail was a jail was a jail…..but guess not.

Anyway, The Prosecution wants the jury to focus on 7 key items and one of Delmer’s girlfriends has them in her possession, although she doesn’t know that.

So, to present all 7 items in a sensible way means each has to have a separate chapter. That is where I am at, trying to separate them out and tell each items story. Sounds simple…yes? It isn’t.

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