Story Medic

Okay, well, here’s an interesting personality: Story Medic. His “about page” on Gravatar says he lives with a friend and a rabbit in a log cabin. How cool is that? He says they have a can of drinking chocolate between them.

He says he is a writer, a ghost writer. Very cool.

After visiting there you can  pop over to:

And there you can get your motivation tweaked a bit. What he writes is true.

My only criticism is his choice of colors for the pages. Uplifting should be bright and cheerful, not boring and gray. But each to his own. I am sure he can find somethings wrong here


4 responses to “Story Medic”

  1. I completely didn’t see this. I agree with the colors, by the way. Maybe I was feeling morbid when I made that layout hahaha I’ll have to get into some fancy CSS when I can justify dropping $100 on WP Premium to make my blog “pretty” 😀


    1. Well, hopefully you can do it for less than the $100, but I do think the colors need to be addressed. Which colors would fit best, I don’t know. I like your blog. I just feel it can be more inviting. I’m sure it would be easy to find things wrong with mine. I am constantly trying to improve my sites, but I am not good at it.

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      1. I’m terrible when it comes to all things technical and the internet. My friend has pretty much had to talk me through everything pertaining to blogging. I’ll eventually buy premium simply so I can make a custom layout. Every WordPress blog I come across basically looks the same. There’s only so many free uncustomisable layouts, which is bad from a marketing perspective. I’ve altered my blog as much as I can, but it hasn’t made it that unique. Also, premium allows the uploading of music and movie files, which will allow me to maybe start doing a podcast series. At the least, I’ll be able to add a nice playlist to my blog.


  2. Well, I agree with you. I face the same problems. I would like to be able to sell my books on here. I have another site that I have through word press and godaddy and it is just sitting there. It has a store. It has yet to sell one book. I’ve had other sites, all the same as far as results are concerned. I have too many things going on to sit and be creative on the internet. I have a book that I have to get done so that I can go on and work on other things. Even this site is a marketing tool and I have yet to see any sales from it. I have no idea what to do or which way to jump. I have the same problem with investing. I can buy something going up or down and buy or sell in the direction everything is going and I’ll be damned if it suddenly turns around and goes the other way exactly at the point where I made the decision. Oh well, you have a good sit and with some adjusting it will be better. Good luck!


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