Noisy Songbird!

A poet she is. Deep in thought and a wonderful writer sharing her thoughts.  I suggest the following:

And she writes on her other page about herself at:

there she says the following interesting things:

“I am sarcasm personified, I am cynically optimistic.
I enjoy the absence of words as much as their presence.
I am addicted to music and movies and obsessed with all things macabre.
I am ambivalent to a fault and deeply in love with oxymorons.
I am Karyn‘s benevolent sense of lycanthropy and it is a pleasure to eat you.”

She also has a great picture of herself there as well. My guess is that she plays the guitar.

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Hey, can I copy and paste or what? I never did that before. Wow.

Gravatar has her profile at:




She had blue eyes,

Vulnerable, blue eyes

And they held him in their grasp

Gentleness  lived there so much he had to gasp

And she never spoke; she never once spoke

Yet her eyes could easily jokingly poke

And raise the issue of man and woman

As the world floated past the two who were human

As they lay in a grassy field, in a soft and wavy grassy field

Their hands from the sun wide-open eyes did shield

And his protected hers so deep they were and so blue

As they lay in peace and in love so true.

She had blue eyes, deep, soft blue eyes

Vulnerable blue eyes.

Copyright 2/3/2015 Gordon Kuhn