Noisy Songbird!

A poet she is. Deep in thought and a wonderful writer sharing her thoughts.  I suggest the following:

And she writes on her other page about herself at:

there she says the following interesting things:

“I am sarcasm personified, I am cynically optimistic.
I enjoy the absence of words as much as their presence.
I am addicted to music and movies and obsessed with all things macabre.
I am ambivalent to a fault and deeply in love with oxymorons.
I am Karyn‘s benevolent sense of lycanthropy and it is a pleasure to eat you.”

She also has a great picture of herself there as well. My guess is that she plays the guitar.

ea4c8e31137242518e8fa218886068aa (80×80)

Hey, can I copy and paste or what? I never did that before. Wow.

Gravatar has her profile at:

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