I am happy to reblog this beautiful poem.

Miss Stilletto

2015,,Did i jump off a cliff into the ocean,did i swallow sea water when the waves swept over me,

No miss stilletto slept under a tree and watched the sea gulls soaring thru the air.

And let her bears do all the above.No dross of yester year remains.m still a mum who does beach fun and hides from the sun.

Im the only one still standing on the sand but i know both husband and oldest son are near..

And then it appeared half way thru the day,

the longest unbroken white cloud you have ever seen.And it didnt leave for many hours it just sat there over our heads like a long white wizards beard.

I looked up at the pohutakawa tree known as our maori xmas tree, the wind was strong. i could hear the waves crashing against the shoreline and the whispers of a message loud and…

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