Miss Stilletto

I reblogged her poem…free style I think…I like it…A LOT! Great job. Wow, mental pictures formed. Anyway, very interesting blog and well worth your visiting.



She has an incredible ability to “word-dress” (new word just created by me!) what she is thinking and seeing so the reader has this incredible vision. Good job!

2 responses to “Miss Stilletto”

  1. Hello Gordan this is Miss Stilletto,im just a recent new bee to blogging.My only daughter introduced me. A place where i could just be me and try writing the way i see.I red your reviews on your beautiful books and i thought we are similiar in how we see the world.Excited to find someone who gets me.Im still only a beginner self taught.Just wanted to thank you for enjoying Joy and Sleep, poems very close to my heart.I am humbled and deeply moved by your comments.I laughed out loud about Word Dress,being created that is so me.Touch base soon once again thank you, kind sir.


    1. I will many times skim another writers work. It is not out of disrespect. It is out of the need for a quick bath in someone else’s world but not getting too close or too distant from my own. I only, truthfully, come across a few writer’s that stop me cold and make me go back and read again. Your writing made me stop, sit back, and think about what I had read. I’m not a trained critic, nor a trained poet. I write what I feel and apparently you do as well. I don’t like most poetry. Yours made me stumble and I had to stop and look again at what was there and I realized that you were speaking so much from your heart that it made me sit back and read it again. Only a few writers do that for me. Only a few convey such passion in their writing. I said I’m not sure if it is a free style or not. All I know is I like what I read and I wanted to share it with those on my FB pages and on Twitter with a link. So, thanks for writing me and sharing your thoughts. Keep on writing. Don’t try to be anybody other than who you are. Don’t try to learn the “right” way to write poetry. Yours is the right way for you and for me. Your writing skills will increase over time. Be who you are, not someone else. Simply be.

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