Cracker Jacks & Chinese Food Carryout

I am having some Cracker Jacks. Haven’t had it for a very long  time. Even has a prize inside. Woo Hoo!!!

Missing the way Chinese carry out use to be served. Now they have it in a plastic tray with a plastic top on it. The rice is still separate in a box with fold over top and wires to hand onto. That’s the way all of the food used to be r for carry out. I want to eat it like that, straight from the box and not the tray. Something is missing with the tray. Where do I log my protest? Does the ACLU take on cases like this? I bet if I told them I was “offended with the tray replacing the box” they would Oh well. Wonder if they would sue themselves if a bunch of us told them their existence offended us. It is worth a shot, I think.


7 responses to “Cracker Jacks & Chinese Food Carryout”

  1. I agree about the Chinese food. I still dislike Cracker Jacks. I used to want them for the prize alone. I bet the prizes aren’t as good anymore. I also think that they need to put prizes back in the cereal boxes. Not sandwiched between the cardboard and the plastic bag either! The toys should be in the cereal so that you have to reach all the way down and dig around in the cereal to find that magical prize! 😉


    1. That was the fun of it, digging through the cereal, or dumping it out to get to the prize, and then putting the cereal back in the box hoping no one would know.

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    2. I agree with you on the toys in the cereal box. Whatever happened to that idea? Somebody decided it wasn’t the cleanest thing to do. Good grief. I survived a multitude of things as a child not permitted today. Eating cereal right out of the box was on the list along with carrying a jar of peanut butter down the street and digging hunks of it out with a big spoon. Pure heaven. Today the parents would be charged with neglect.

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      1. I know… the world has lost so much with new “politically correct” ideas.


  2. You are making me hungry.


  3. U sound hapi must be the food i love chinese fortune cookies too.


  4. Chinese fortune cookies are fun!


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