Bookreviews 1966! Every author I know likes and fears book reviews. They are a necessary part of the process of writing. Just like marketing. We love, hate, live, and perish…. perish? … maybe. I don’t know. Some people think bad reviews aren’t such an evil curse to run into. But, we hate bad reviews. Anyway, I’m wandering in my thoughts.

I have a new follower (don’t worry those of you who have recently followed me I will get around to commenting on you I’ve been busy and have not forgotten you) called Bookreviews 1966 has chosen to follow me.

I think she had some interesting pages and if you go and visit her you might just be introduced to a book or two that she has reviewed and liked.

She can be found on Gravatar at the address of:

She also can be looked up at:

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With over 3,000 people following her worldwide I think it behooves you…(I like that word … behooves)….if you are a reader looking for a book to read (I mean, what the hell else are you going to do with it, right? throw it at your neighbor?) on a certain subject you might want to check out her pages to see if she has read it. She clearly is a voracious reader and does an excellent job of writing about what she reads. SO…go forth, children of the blog, visit her, write her, enjoy her pages, and then go buy some of the books she recommends. I think you will be pleasantly surprised by what she has to offer you. Plus, you will find notes there from other blogs and bloggers that have responded to her visiting their sites. SO, well worth the time, your time, to visit her.