A Tip of My Hat To the Following Followers. Well, maybe.

First up: Josbons and her about message  at the following address:


I think she is a revolutionary. She is a poet, I think, and I enjoyed the poetry that I found on the following page:


Very interesting and well worth a visit.


2nd follower is Mark Cusak

Okay, I’m not too sure about you Mark. I think you have a fascination concerning women that goes beyond …. beyond…..hmmm….well, beyond. You have some things posted that I wouldn’t post but maybe I’m missing something here. Anyway, let the audience be aware….or is that beware… not sure.

Taste the Rainbow????  Smiles…..

Mark has a page that is about the seven things that he thinks a guy actually would want a woman to do to them…..uh, maybe.


Actually I think that Mark has this thing for women and that is all I am going to say. But if you go to


you might get an idea about Mark. He does have a sense of humor.


SASSCER…… Easy for you to pronounce…Anyway, interesting sites. I am being followed by a county?

Really? A county? This is a bit political, but seems grounded in good taste and wishes for a great future for  Prince George’s County.



Okay, well, there you go. Three new followers. Yep. Will be filling you in on others soon.


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