Getting ready for the return trip home.

Getting the RV set up to go home. Have a full tank of gas in the PU. Refrigerator is almost empty. Had a great time while here. Sad to leave friends but we will be back.


good thoughts to recall each and everyday of life


I thought i’d call to you and talk awhile,

I’m sitting here alone, I’ve been thinking.

What can i do to make this world a better place,

Let go of anger and sometimes terrible thoughts.

Do not waste this time that I’ve been given,

Smile and say hello to a passerby.

Lend a hand to a less fortunate soul,

Put a little trust in man, this I’ve been told.

Do not take a life, be there for a friend,

Teach a child right from wrong.

Love as much as you can, hate is not a gift in hand,

Do not steal or act in violence,

I’ve been thinking god, I just needed you to listen.

Keith Garrett

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The Open Window.

The Open Window. Take a Walk Inside My Mind….. the author wrote a note about in response to my blog about Dan. So, I went to her WordPress site and found some wonderful poetry. I suggest you do the same.

You won’t be disappointed.

Dan … a sad phone call.

A friend of mine called me on my cell phone yesterday. She caught up to my wife and I while we were shopping. Wonderful things, cell phones. They can bring you sunshine with friendly voices, sometimes they carry sorrow, and, yes, sometimes annoyance with pest calls.

Sunshine comes from friends who want to chat. Sorrow comes from those calls no one wants to make and no one wants to get. Sometimes though….. ……sometimes  …. Sometimes they just have to be done and so we were shopping for light bulbs at a Home Depot and the phone rang. I almost dropped the phone trying to wrestle it free from its new belt clip and was afraid I wouldn’t get it off and open before the call ended. But I managed it and I immediately recognized the voice of the caller and she said she had bad news.

I always hate those words: I have bad news.

She paused, waiting, thinking of the right words to say and waiting for me to say it was okay and for her to go ahead and tell me what she found the need to call me about. But I dreaded that. I knew it had to do with one or more of my friends and so I took a deep breath and with a sigh told her to go ahead and tell me what she had called about.

She, being Gina, was in Florida at the VA Vet Center in St. Pete where she works as a counselor and Jan and I being in GA visiting friends and our alpacas on Ted and Pat Kraft’s farm in Albany.

“You weren’t in group today,” she began. Group is a collection of Vietnam Vets that meets at the Center. “I’m in Georgia,” I told her. “Oh, yes, I forgot. You told me you were going up to shear your alpacas.”

A long pause.

“Bad day for me,” she began again. “I lost one of my World War II vets. He died suddenly.” But I knew it was more than that and I said I was sorry and then waited for the next hit to come as she sighed again.

“Dan called and said he had gone and had some tests made because he didn’t feel right and well…..he has pancreatic cancer and they gave him 3 months to live.”

lijkeddie ….. IAN

Oh good grief…. I cannot believe I crossed two posts. What a mess.  This post is about a writer named Ian….NOT Maggie. I already had posted that and somehow in the past when it went into draft the two were overlapping and so when I pulled this one up it was about Maggie…WRONG NAME… this is about IAN. So I have written this to cover IAN.

Ooops! I started this on Feb. 27, or so my records say. It went into the draft column and somehow was forgotten. So, here it is.

IAN I  have posted three links below to him.


Stardustpoet64 started following me today. She has an impressive following on twitter of over 5,650 followers. Whoa! I would say she is doing something right to attract such a following. I don’t know how many I have following me and right now I don’t want to look as I will be depressed I am sure.

Anyway, she has a strong attraction and rightly so:

She is well worth visiting.

And, thanks Star Dust 64 for visiting my site.