lijkeddie ….. IAN

Oh good grief…. I cannot believe I crossed two posts. What a mess.  This post is about a writer named Ian….NOT Maggie. I already had posted that and somehow in the past when it went into draft the two were overlapping and so when I pulled this one up it was about Maggie…WRONG NAME… this is about IAN. So I have written this to cover IAN.

Ooops! I started this on Feb. 27, or so my records say. It went into the draft column and somehow was forgotten. So, here it is.

IAN I  have posted three links below to him.

4 thoughts on “lijkeddie ….. IAN

    1. I try to keep up with comments and likes from fellow writers. I am a bit behind just now. My own fault. Trying to finish a novel that I have been working on for three years. It is a true crime and taking a lot of time with over 6,000 pages of documentation. Thank you for your kind note.

    1. Actually, this was overlapped with another post and that persons name was Maggie. The posts were supposed to be split and the Maggie was but I didn’t pull yours out and post it like I had intended to do. That caused the problem. Sorry! This error was unintentional. I pass on calling you Maggie. Not my style, Ian. Have a great day and good luck with your writing.

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