lijkeddie ….. IAN

Oh good grief…. I cannot believe I crossed two posts. What a mess.  This post is about a writer named Ian….NOT Maggie. I already had posted that and somehow in the past when it went into draft the two were overlapping and so when I pulled this one up it was about Maggie…WRONG NAME… this is about IAN. So I have written this to cover IAN.

Ooops! I started this on Feb. 27, or so my records say. It went into the draft column and somehow was forgotten. So, here it is.

IAN I  have posted three links below to him.

4 responses to “lijkeddie ….. IAN”

  1. So nice of you to promote a fellow blogger! It’s what a community is all about. Kudos!


    1. I try to keep up with comments and likes from fellow writers. I am a bit behind just now. My own fault. Trying to finish a novel that I have been working on for three years. It is a true crime and taking a lot of time with over 6,000 pages of documentation. Thank you for your kind note.

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  2. wow, thanks for the mention… however… maggie? my name’s ian, i’m a cis-male… but you can call me maggie if you really want 😉


    1. Actually, this was overlapped with another post and that persons name was Maggie. The posts were supposed to be split and the Maggie was but I didn’t pull yours out and post it like I had intended to do. That caused the problem. Sorry! This error was unintentional. I pass on calling you Maggie. Not my style, Ian. Have a great day and good luck with your writing.


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