Stardustpoet64 started following me today. She has an impressive following on twitter of over 5,650 followers. Whoa! I would say she is doing something right to attract such a following. I don’t know how many I have following me and right now I don’t want to look as I will be depressed I am sure.

Anyway, she has a strong attraction and rightly so:

She is well worth visiting.

And, thanks Star Dust 64 for visiting my site.



2 responses to “StarDustPoet64”

  1. Hi Gordon. Thank you ever so kindly for the all too sweet post. I appreciate your kind words dearly. I don’t think it’s about the numbers. For me it’s about where your heart is. I use my twitter to bring folks together to network more than anything 🙂 You and your beautiful wife have hearts of gold I can tell by reading your site. Thank you for your service also, Gordon. I look forward to exchanging more with you in the future and reading your work in a greater depth. Thank you again, I am humbled. and grateful. Blessings, Carla Dawn


    1. Hi, thanks for your reply. I appreciate the warm words and look forward to reading more on your pages.


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