Writings of a sad day

K. G. Bethlehem has dedicated himself over the years to the task of helping others, mostly children. He has an interesting past and has seen his share of sadness. He is worth your time to visit and to read his thoughts.

KG Bethlehem

www.michaeltoddserr.com http://www.michaeltoddserr.com

The Gifted Others

Mortality is always this quiet verbiage,

The ending thought to all who could listen,

The last words.

So thoughtful and quiet esteem

So less with life and full in wanting more.

It is a quiet thing, so train in darkness and silence.

Incapable or reasoning

Detest—I’m assuming of mercy,

Of an enterprising thoughts well done

I prolong ..


I run from it

I trick it as my thoughts betray

To the worldly pleasures of self

And gave such pronounce beauty of family

And of love

And of lost hope in my talks with death.

I am so sorry for thinking universal law

Was so translucent,

I am so sorry

For your loss.

I am.

–K.G. Bethlehem

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3 responses to “Writings of a sad day”

  1. Thank you, I really appreciate this! Wonderful birthday gift


    1. You are most welcome! I am impressed by all you have done and your writing is incredible. 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Right on good sir!


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