Second Followup on Dan.

I learned just a few days ago that Dan had originally been given six to nine months. That was only a month back. Then the time was shortened to three months. Sadly, on Tuesday this week, Gina called to tell me that Dan was in the VA hospital and had been given three weeks to live.

How can this be?

This is a man who survived being exposed to Anthrax and has been followed by the Centers for Disease Control following that discovery. That federal department and the VA have tested him over and over again. They have gone from the top to the bottom of the man and then done it again on several occasions. How can it be that no one discovered the cancer destroying his pancreas and how is it that it is so extremely fast-moving.

There comes no answers.

I will visit with him tomorrow at Bay Pines. It may be the last visit that I have with him. I will sadly meet his wife and daughter for the first time. Both have had recent medical conditions that have caused pain and concern for their own lives and now they face the loss of the man who has helped them through their own problems and there is nothing to do but watch him be destroyed by a cancer that suddenly appeared. And no one has an answer. No one.

One response to “Second Followup on Dan.”

  1. I am sadly aware of our medical diagnostic shortcomings when it comes to pancreatic cancer too. My son had been diagnosed with “pancreatitis” and treated for it last year. LAST YEAR!! It wasn’t until this year’s extreme weight loss and pain that the doctor decided to do the CT Scan which finally, too late, brought about the ugly, truthful, diagnosis of Stage IV metastatic pancreatic cancer. My heart is broken.


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