I lost a good friend on Wednesday, 5/6/15. His name was Dan Anders. He was a Vietnam Vet. He died at 1420 hours about 5 to 10 minutes after I walked out of his room. I had spent over an hour visiting with him and his wife. He had pancreatic cancer. He was in the hospice unit of C. W. Bill Young’s VA hospital located at Bay Pines.

Dan was unique. He is the only person known to have lived following being exposed to anthrax. The National Institute of Health had been following him for several years after it was discovered that he had been exposed and survived. His pancreatic cancer was a surprise to everyone. Only a little over a month back he was told he had 7 to 9 months to live. Then less than two weeks later it was reduced to 3 months. Then a week later it was down to 3 weeks. He leaves a wife and a daughter. He also leaves a group of friends, vets and non-vets. He was an avid hunter and loved the outdoors. He will be buried in a family cemetery next to the woods he roamed as a young man.

He’ll be missed.

2 responses to “DAN ANDERS”

  1. Im sorry to hear about your friend dan god bless take care.


    1. Thanks. He was a good guy. His autopsy will be at the NIH offices. He will live on in medical journals and text books as the only person known to survive a major exposure to anthrax. The FBI, CIA, NIH, CDC, NSA and other federal and state agencies retraced every step this man and his wife took on their vacation several years back. They never were able to find the source of his exposure. Anyway, it is a big loss. His wife and daughter have also had their share of challenges lately. The daughter fell at work and has a brain injury and the wife has hip and knee problems.


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