Passion Through Poetry

For those of you who like poetry and who like Australia I would like to suggest a trip over to the site I listed above. She is a poet and has published. She is well worth getting to know. Five stars out of five stars! I am one of her followers.


The Damn Media

A 14-year-old boy sneaks in and inappropriately touches his sleeping sisters. Is that bad? Yes. He’s 14. His hormones are screaming. He is living in a household that forbids even thinking about sex. What do you expect??? Well, one this is certain, you don’t expect the damn police to release sealed records of a minor. That officer needs to be prosecuted and maybe, just maybe someone should open up their background and find out what is hiding there. My bet is there is gold there. And the same applies to the people at In Touch Magazine that rag that printed the story. They didn’t print it for educational purposes. They printed it to make money on shame and sorry event that happened 11 years ago for which the kid and everyone else went through counseling. And, the went to the police and the kid confessed to an officer AND that officer is now in prison because they were into internet porn.

There isn’t a person on this planet that has something in their past that they would not want out there. But this is an attack on these people.

Now, I know, someone is going to write and say, but they are on TV… personally, I  don’t get a damn where they are. To do this to a family and to children is immoral and criminal in my way of thinking.

I did not watch the two girls tossed to the media flames on Fox last night and I had also not watched the interview with the parents. It is none of my business, and it should be none of yours. But, that cop needs to be arrested, and that rag of a magazine put out of business. That is where the real crime is, not with this 14-year-old kid who was punished for it. Why punish the whole damn family?

Fox News and In Touch Magazine and that cop all need to pay the price for the damage they have done to these people. In Touch’s staff needs to be forced out of the media world completely. They are trash in my estimation.

New Followers

Hello! Well, as I said in my last post, I have even more, God help me.  Smiles. Anyway, here we go. And there are some interesting ones here.

————————————————-   She’s a poet. Or, is that poetess? I don’t know…or is that IDK…..I have no idea. Anyway, she has a page at: which is interesting. She writes using the name XQUISITE.

————————————————————–  Great page, excellent writing….15 years old . You really have to visit this one.


sonpreet29  is at …………there was nothing else there. sorry.  no pages to look at but I think they like motorcycles.


And then we have…..Nugget Tales…. This is a great page/site. If you write and you want to share with others you should look into Nugget Tales. It is a place to share your writing with others. Great idea. Great site.


I will add more later. Busy day.

Welcome to new followers

Well, I suppose some aren’t really new. Some are a few months “new” and some are really, really new….as in a few days. Problem I am having is I want to recognize not only followers but also “likes” and everything else that I am amused, shocked, or find interesting. PLUS, I want to write about what I care about. I have stopped posting poetry (my own) simply because it is conflict when I go to print. You see the magazines and book printers consider anything posted here or on social meeting locations as being…yep, printed. And they are correct. It’s out there. It’s not that I don’t want you to read my poetry. No. I do want you to read it and I want you to buy my books. That, to me, is the true gauge of how accepted I am as a writer. Anyway, I’m getting off track. Below are new (old new) followers that I have not recognized before but who should be recognized because they are individually and collectively awesome!


Well, that is only half of those new and some old (by a few weeks) and I think that is enough for now. Will post the others later but I have some serious writing to do and think this is enough for now.