New Followers

Hello! Well, as I said in my last post, I have even more, God help me.  Smiles. Anyway, here we go. And there are some interesting ones here.

————————————————-   She’s a poet. Or, is that poetess? I don’t know…or is that IDK…..I have no idea. Anyway, she has a page at: which is interesting. She writes using the name XQUISITE.

————————————————————–  Great page, excellent writing….15 years old . You really have to visit this one.


sonpreet29  is at …………there was nothing else there. sorry.  no pages to look at but I think they like motorcycles.


And then we have…..Nugget Tales…. This is a great page/site. If you write and you want to share with others you should look into Nugget Tales. It is a place to share your writing with others. Great idea. Great site.


I will add more later. Busy day.

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