Welcome to new followers

Well, I suppose some aren’t really new. Some are a few months “new” and some are really, really new….as in a few days. Problem I am having is I want to recognize not only followers but also “likes” and everything else that I am amused, shocked, or find interesting. PLUS, I want to write about what I care about. I have stopped posting poetry (my own) simply because it is conflict when I go to print. You see the magazines and book printers consider anything posted here or on social meeting locations as being…yep, printed. And they are correct. It’s out there. It’s not that I don’t want you to read my poetry. No. I do want you to read it and I want you to buy my books. That, to me, is the true gauge of how accepted I am as a writer. Anyway, I’m getting off track. Below are new (old new) followers that I have not recognized before but who should be recognized because they are individually and collectively awesome!


Well, that is only half of those new and some old (by a few weeks) and I think that is enough for now. Will post the others later but I have some serious writing to do and think this is enough for now.



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