Very deep. Excellent poem. Excellent thoughts.


With my hand stretched to the sky I can’not touch the stars so high,

Nor the clouds, a falling star, or the sun going down.

The wind, I can’not grab hold, a bird in flight,

A dream in the night, never a yesterday.

Beyond my reach is not my dreams,

It is not that which i pray for.

The hand of god I can’not touch, in my heart I can surely take hold,

It is not hope, nor faith, it is not a tomorrow.

Beyond my reach are many things,

Beyond my reach is not everything.

Keith Garrett

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A new follower of mine who is into poetry. Her poetry will hit home with a lot of you. She shares thoughts and dreams and hurts as well. Don’t expect fancy drawings. Don’t expect silly nonsensical poetry. She writes from the heart. Be prepared.

Best to all. Gordon.