Okay, trying to clear the board on followers.

The following sites are followers that I have not identified as I’ve been busy trying to clean out my office, paint the house, write my blog, visit with friends, clean out the garage, install a new ceiling drop down door (did that), and various other things.  So, apologies to everyone, I normally try to recognize new followers quickly but am overwhelmed.

1) Hello to ARTOURWAY…. “True stories about people are the best.  To keep it simple, I’m an artist. Being born in Victoria, British Columbia was the beginning of a grand adventure. Thanks Mom! That sounds fictional. Honestly, growing up during the 70’s in this botanical garden city was like being on a permanent vacation. Everyday was a holiday . .  like being a tourist in my own home town. By the way, this is an actual yearly event of BC’s capital; “tourist in your own town week”.  http://artourway.com/about-art-our-way/

2) Hello to JOSEFP2015   http://en.gravatar.com/josefp2015

3) Someone named ROHAN who deleted his pages.

4) Susan Bellfield     http://en.gravatar.com/freeurchi       Go to the following address    https://susanbellfield.wordpress.com/

5)http://en.gravatar.com/rejistephenson  He comes from London. Reji Stephenson. Interesting pages Reji.

6) NADAV like to read books on success…. https://successisheredotco.wordpress.com/about/

7) https://farifahad06.wordpress.com/about/

8) https://englishphilia.wordpress.com/about/

9)http://en.gravatar.com/monnester  A beautiful young lady with a lot to share.



Okay, well, as I am easily distracted I know I am going to have to stop. I am listening to Naked and Afraid on TV and writing this and I must have about 30 more new followers. You know as much as I love mentioning all of you, this is really time-consuming and I am not doing as much as what I had set out to do in telling about you all. Hopefully that makes sense. Anyway, I think this will be the last post about new followers. I am just overrun with new followers which I could actually start a blog just for new followers but then I wouldn’t get anything else done. So, we’ll see. For now, I am done with this and will go back to writing my blog.

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