Question: would it make you angry to find out that your widow who has no income will have to wait a year to maybe a year-and-a-half or LONGER to get compensation from the VA that she legally is entitled? Would you be angry to learn that your widow had snide comments delivered to her by VA staff while filing her claim for benefits for which she is entitled? This country is upside down. Get pregnant and the government will fall all over itself to give you money. The more kids the more money. Come into the country illegally and the country will provide you with Social Security Benefits, house you, provide medical for you. pay for your kids to go to school, provide you with transportation and more. BUT if you are the widow of a disabled veteran and you have no income well,,,, you are just going to have to wait a year to a year-and-a-half and maybe LONGER before you get anything even if you don’t have any income and were dependent on the income your spouse had received because he was a disabled veteran who fought in a war has 16 air medals, a bronze star, and a purple heart. But, go get pregnant out of wedlock, be an illegal, and the government falls all over itself to provide you with everything you need. DOES ANYONE OUT THERE THINK THIS IS WRONG???????

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  1. The way you describe it, yes definitely wrong. But I don’t think it’s as immediate as we think when it comes to pregnancy or illegals coming in to the country for their assistance especially dealing with the government. Oh let me pull out the list though of what is and what ought to be. I feel the pain


    1. I believe there is more immediacy played out by our government when it comes to pregnancy and illegals than there is with veterans. The VA is more backlogged now than it was when all hell broke loose about 2 years back. The personnel at the VA have done little if anything in correcting this problem. It is simple: the veteran was 100 % total and permanent for more than 10 years and he was married to the same woman for that period of time. She is legally invested in that account and it should be a simple switch from him to her. She will get about 1/2 of his pension, or, about $1,200 to $1,500 a month. A child can do this switch. The VA has already approved her otherwise the amount payed would not contain an amount above the standard line payment of 100% if single. This is a governmental agency that has taken its brains out and is playing with them on the sidewalk. They are regarding this as being a “new claim” and its not because of the prior recognition of the woman who is now a widow without any income and the VA is basically just sighing and saying there is little to be done except more paperwork. My solution is to take the personnel involved and make them wait a year to a year-and-a-half before they receive any compensation, salary, or other benefit and see how much they scream out in pain and in frustration. This is wrong!

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      1. Definitely same situation happened to my grandmother it took some time but not the 1year and a half thankfully during that time my family was able to help. But if we weren’t she would have been out as well. It took a few months to take care of as we had the burial paperwork to file as well I sure hope there us a quicker solution I’ll look into what we had to do of course that was in California hopefully programs in these situations s expand across the states


  2. It should be the same in California as here. This is a US Government Agency, not a State of Florida Agency. Although it has been found that at each Regional Office they tend to play by their own standards and not by the same guidelines nationally. What a crime it is to sentence a widow to have to seek out charity when they have the records. We live in a computerized age. The VA acts like it is in the middle ages. They are backlogged due to sheer stupidity. But that seems to be the norm with the feds. Incompetence supreme.


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