Bass Pro Shop Day—–8/2/15

0900 and I just made pancakes with almond milk as a substitute for real milk. But if it is almond milk then doesn’t that mean that it is milk? If I have cows milk then that seems to be the norm. But almond milk is still milk, I think. And soy milk? How about cashew butter, or almond butter. I mean that if you generally go to the store to buy butter, then it is cow butter. But, we don’t say I’m going to the store to buy cow butter. We say we are going to the store to get butter. See my point? Is there a point there? Anyway, I had pancakes.

I was reading the back of the package because the front said I could make pancakes or waffles. Ah, there is a novel idea.

But I wondered what was the difference between pancakes and waffles if they all have the same components. Is there a special waffle mix? No. Same stuff. Mix, eggs, oil, and …….. oh, the box said milk for pancakes and water for waffles. Why? Why can’t I just make pancake stuff and put it in a waffle maker (assuming I owned one which I don’t) but the issue is why? Milk -v- water? God help me.

Anyway, we are going to the new Bass Pro Shop in Brandon, FL today. Yeah!

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