Cecil had a sponsor!

Cecil the lion had a sponsor. Cecil was being studied. The brave white  hunter paid $50,000 to have the lion lured out of the safety of the preserve. It was hunted by someone who simply wanted to show a trophy head and the animal’s skin on the floor. He wasn’t interested in sharing Lion meat with the natives. He wasn’t interested in  providing money to the natives. No. He wanted to have a head and a skin from Cecil. Personally I think he was in need of this to make him look like he was a man. Trophy hunting is just that. It has nothing to do with preservation of a species by combing out the sick or reducing population to avoid illness and starvation. No. It is about making people think you are a man. I think there is another way of showing manhood. One way is to work at stopping the incredible number of abortions in this country daily. On Friday, over 2,740 were done. Probably only a few were necessary due to incest, rape, or the need to preserve the health of the mother……Yep…. you are a mother if you are pregnant. Well, if you were one of them then you might have checked to see if the fetus was then sold for research. If this disturbs you then maybe you need to feel something about this wretched problem. I am for abortions when it comes to the mother’s health, because of rape, and because of incest. I do not think abortion is a birth control device. Nor do I think that luring a celebrity lion out of its safety and killing it is hunting.

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