Cecil the Lion -v- Abortions and the right to feel.

Okay, so I have been on Facebook with everyone else jumping up and down about Cecil the Lion. I needed to be in the pack. I was outraged. Others were outraged. We clashed as to what each was outraged about. Some have the facts. Some think they have but don’t. Some like Aleesa in Perth, Australia just want to fight about whatever. It makes no matter what you say, to her, you are wrong. She’s a model. A skinny model. Makes her money walking up and down a short platform and is overly impressed with herself.

Anyway, enough said about her. She is a one of a kind and there are plenty of models out there who make a good living in a tough industry and I salute you all. My middle brother was a model in Chicago as a child.

But again, I digress…… Cecil brought forth emotion! Emotion! We need emotion in our lives that light us up like flashlights, fireworks, howitzers, nuclear bombs going off…we need to be able to feel (Aleesa disagreed). We need the comfort of being able to state our feelings and argue points of difference and….FEEL…… Our emotions have been severed. Over 2,700 abortions were committed in the US yesterday and more will be performed today, and tomorrow, and the next day. Do you see outrage on FB? No. You see outrage over Cecil and I think you should and I am happy that somebody out there feels something because we are headed to the land where everything is the same and everyone wears the same, talks the same, buys the same, elects the same, has 2.5 kids and never, never, never ever feel anything! And all the little Aleesas out there can go to hell as far as I’m concerned because they want to restrict your right and my right by trying to bully us into submission.

Do not stop feeling. Do not stop caring. If you do you will be nothing but a robot and the social democrats = communists = socialists = liberals want that to happen. Only they can feel anything as far as they are concerned. Well I say NO.

6 responses to “Cecil the Lion -v- Abortions and the right to feel.”

  1. gerrymccullough Avatar

    Gordon, I do so agree with you. The number of abortions – each one a child’s chance of life gone – is truly terrible. Yes, it’s bad that Cecil the lion was shot just for someone’s pleasure. But when will we learn that children matter more than animals? (I do think animals matter, too – it’s not an either/or situation!)


    1. Oh, I totally understand and agree with you. Both issues are emotional triggers. Thanks for your comment.


  2. Aleecia Jae Dawaon Avatar
    Aleecia Jae Dawaon


    Your powers of observation and linear thought are something to be revered. You are of course correct in the observation that models are required to have a low BMI; this is considered industry standard. On the topic of industry standards I imagine that it would be somewhat similar in how writers are expected to publish their work with some semblance of proper grammar and sentence structure. After reading this poorly written, wildly inaccurate and close-minded account of the events that transpired on Facebook, I suppose we could all use our powers of deduction to see why only one of us is excelling in our respective fields. Do you hear that shuffling? That was Keats turning over in his very grave. For the sake of journalistic integrity, I feel it poignant that I set the record straight.

    Respectfully, I wont delve into the reasons for your pro-life stance but needless to say the connection that you made between the death of a lion and abortion was a tenuous link at best and as the conversation unfolded it became abundantly clear that you were using the forum to lament about your personal issues. You did this to both in an attempt to extract sympathy whilst pushing the real issue that you clearly wanted to discuss, which was of course never about lions. A quick inspection your Facebook page confirmed this for me and I will be honest here, I found the underhandedness of it a little disturbing. I would provide a transcript of the dialogue to substantiate this but interestingly enough; despite feeling that you were unequivocally right on this matter you quickly removed all of your comments. If you feel that you are still right then I challenge you to leave this post up without removing it. Let people decide armed with both points of view. Let me fall on my own ill-informed sword.

    If you had bothered to listen instead of just waiting for your chance to talk, I did mention that I have also worked in professions that require the use of my brain. I suppose that you needed to negate that fact so that you could paint the picture that would best diminish my integrity rather then providing and accurate snap shot. In between walking runways I have three other jobs and interestingly enough I am also currently studying social work. This deals a lot on the topics of ethics and social justice and if you had spent a bit of time in that sector Gordon then you would perhaps find the first hole in your argument. People do feel, in fact they feel so much that sometimes that they need a lot of support. Support that is given by people who care enough to work in an emotionally taxing and low paying job because they feel they are making a difference. Psychopathy is actually quite rare, affecting about only 3% of the population. To suggest that people don’t feel because the vast majority of the human race doesn’t support or share your belief system is both arrogant and ludicrous. I think perhaps it is actually you who is overly impressed with yourself. Perhaps if you had taken a unit of child protection and heard a minor disclose sexual abuse then you would know that there are things much more terrifying then never living. I can think of one other as a woman… Being forced to carry your rapist’s child to term because your government dictates that you no longer have sovereignty of your body.

    It was never my intent to bully you in to submission. I absolutely respect your right to keep your sperm to yourself, in actual fact I encourage it. I can see that you fancy yourself a bit of a free thinker, outside the norm. I suppose that makes you feel special. You aren’t special in this either; we all like to feel special. Sadly, the reality is that we all see, we all think and we all feel. We all come from the same source and are of the same matter. You aren’t special Gordon, nor am I. Your opinion isn’t any more right or wrong then mine and just because most of the population do not share your ideology, it does not make us mindless sheep incapable of decision-making.

    Kind Regards,
    Aleecia Jae Dawson.
    (AKA, clothes horse with a fully developed prefrontal cortex)


    1. Well, Aleecia, Aleecia, Aleecia. I allowed your remarks to come in instead of dumping them into the trash can as I felt it necessary that others get a close look at someone who has a personality disorder. I could go line for line and respond to your obvious hatred that you had to drag over here from Face Book, but I won’t. You’ll only come back with more hatred exposing yourself more to the larger audience here. Hatred devours the hater, Aleecia. But thanks for sharing your thoughts. Yes, I do make mistakes in my writing on here as I speed write. I don’t make mistakes on my published works. I also spend and have spent a lot of time working for those who have little. I have been an guardian advocate (unpaid) for the mentally ill at a local hospital. I did that for probably five or six years helping those who could not help themselves by being a safeguard for their treatment when there was no one there for them. I have supplied glasses for those who can’t afford them. I have fought for the rights of women in employment. Oh, the list goes on, but I already know you will be attacking me on what I just wrote. So, come on, Aleecia, get those emotions out there and show everyone who you really are.

      PS: You didn’t bully me into submission. I tried to turn the conversation to a more civil state and you chose to increase the hostility. Perhaps you don’t know but our government is paying millions of dollars into Planned Parenthood in support of abortions. There is nothing about rape or incest or women’s health that prevents abortions here. As a matter of fact a female child can get an abortion without her parents knowledge. A wife can abort without her husbands knowledge. You know that is what really set you off didn’t it? I spoke of my first wife doing that and you came back and said it was because she was married to me. You know nothing of me. But your hatred is incredible. Perhaps something about abortions set you off. If I am wrong I’m sorry, but for someone to go off like you did I bet I’m right. Anyway, regardless of your thoughts on my writing I have a 500+ page book about a serial rapist and murderer who is on death row that I have to finish and I don’t have time for dealing with childishness. But go ahead, Aleecia, toss some more venom out there. My followers will most likely enjoy it and may even write you. Oh, and if I have any typo errors here blame it on the incredible rain we have been having. Have a great day Aleecia and a great life too!


  3. Aleecia Jae Dawson Avatar
    Aleecia Jae Dawson

    I am certain there is already plenty of reading material available on personality disorders, the DSM IV for one comes to mind. If this is your honest belief, I find it interesting as someone that has been exposed to those with real mental illness that you would choose to exploit a person you perceive to have a disorder. I am certainly sure this one puts a tick in the morality column for you. I don’t hate you Gordon, however when this article was brought to my attention I felt that it was only fair that a rebut on such a derogatory generalisation of my character.


    1. Exploit you? Good grief. You attacked me on FB making remarks about my losing my only child. You attack me for discussing the pain that I still feel as so much rubish, so much a pile of shit in your thoughts and then your buddy Brandt tells me you are such a wonderful and loving person who really feels ….really feels. Enough of this crap. You did your damage. Now get the fuck out of my life.


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