The Twentieth Anniversary.

Yesterday, August 3rd, was Jan and my 20th Anniversary. I love her so much. We went out and ate dinner and relived the memories of our first night together as a married couple.  Those memories always bring smiles from the actual marriage in a small chapel (just she and I, the minister and his wife) with a cow bell that they range from the steeple to announce our wedding. Photos, flowers, all dressed up. We didn’t tell anyone because we didn’t want to have anyone go out and buy gifts and things as we had our own households and didn’t need anything. Unfortunately, we made a lot of people angry at us because we eloped. Well, anyway, we rented a cabin with a hot tub. Our luck.. the cabin was haunted. Out on the side porch was a hottube. Jan and I had never used a hottub and thought it would be fun. We turned it on. It got hot. I almost broke the cover getting it off,……something about not crawling across the cover to unlatch it…heard a loud snap sound and crawled back off. My lady came out and tested the water….perfect. She jumped in and I went to get my swim suit on (we were very visible from the road you understand with woods behind us houses across the street and up and down the hillside). I went inside and changed and came back to jump into the tub but the sliding glass doors were closed; and before Jan could stop me I walked into them. The next thing I knew I was on my  back with a very sore forehead having bounced off the doors. I sat up and Jan was in the tub laughing. We both laughed. I was fine and it set up the night for hugs and a great memory of the day. That night I tried to sleep but was hounded all night long with things (remember I said the place was haunted) touching my face and arms that were uncovered from under the blankets. Jan said “I’m out of here” and went back to the first floor. We checked for flying bugs….none. Tried to get back to sleep and again the same things….something touching my face, neck, arms, and hands. We never found out what it was. Whenever I’d flip on the lights there was nothing visible that could be touching me or her. The next day, our one night rental over, we went into Gatlinburg and rented a non-haunted room. 20 years plus one day. I love my wife.

2 responses to “The Twentieth Anniversary.”

  1. Congrats on your anniversary. May you have them forever more.


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