On Shaving and Cleopatra

I recently signed up on one of the advertised shaving supply sites and tossed out the razor I had been using for 3 years opting for the newcomer that promised a smooth, clean, and money-saving shave. The ad promoting the new shaver unabashedly had its celebrity spokesman telling the world what an incredible shave one would have. Well, I was happy with my old razor that the new company was telling me was a horrible razor and that the new blades would last longer…..uh, well, not true….the new blades irritated from the start and fell short on the length of time they would hold up. Additionally, the new company wrote that it would be less costly to use its system than the one I was using…not true….the blade in the razor I was using was a year old and did not pull or irritate where the new blade did. Oh how I wish I had the old razor back and the money back in my wallet for the new razor which irritates and is worn out in less than a week.

Today is the anniversary of Cleopatra’s suicide that was in response to Mark Anthony’s suicide which was in response to his belief that Cleopatra was dead. What does that have to do with shaving? Absolutely nothing.

2 responses to “On Shaving and Cleopatra”

  1. Funny Gordon! Didn’t expect that last paragraph!


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