Copyright by Gordon Kuhn 11/10/2015

On this day the United States Marine Corps is 240 years old.  I and other Marines all celebrate today worldwide.


Three simple syllables. Yet, one of the most powerful words in our lexicon. One of the most meaningful. It identifies the person so called as having a place in history. They left behind family and friends and stepped into the breach risking their lives for the protection of others and the freedoms we all share.


The word, the label, if you wish, transcends the ages, and more. It does not discriminate over sex. It does not look at cultural heritage. It cares not for your religion or political beliefs. It does not care if you were in one branch of service over another. It does not measure your service based on the tasks you were assigned. It does not care if you were drafted or joined as a volunteer. It only cares that you stood and took an oath to support and defend the Constitution of the United States.


A simple word that identifies the person so honored as called as being a part of history. Each one has stories unique to the time and locations of where they served. Each left family and friends behind and stepped forward into the breach risking their lives for the protection of others and for the freedoms we all share.




Copyright 11/10/2015 by Gordon Kuhn



You stood your watch and honored are

Now feel the breath of history brush across your face

Here the voices of those who went before you

And those who came after whisper your name

You who left your family and friends behind

And stepped forward to protect them

Drafted or joined

You faced loneliness

You witnessed violence

And felt the cold sense of fear

And you stood your watches

Regardless of where you were

Or the time of day

Or the weather that surrounded you

In daylight or night, warm or cold, dry or chilled by rain

You kept your orders regardless of the pain

It matters not what sex you are

Nor the color of your skin

It matters not what religion you take comfort in

Or, perhaps, none at all

It doesn’t matter what task you were assigned

From clerk to rifleman, to sailor, or in the sky

You stood your ground for freedom and for family

You stood your watch, and honored are

And honor laid upon you the title: Veteran


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