Ending up at the same place AGAIN

This is an interesting reveal of a person’s life and difficulties. It took guts to write this and more to share it to such a broad readership.


I wanted to tell you my story, so that you can put the advice I give you at the end in some sort of context.

My mate Steve is a recovering alcoholic. He has been sober for about six years.

He told me that he realised one day that he was a bit of a knob when he was pissed. He would become belligerent and negative. He never told me the details, but he hinted towards a specific evening where it became obvious his behaviour was becoming a problem for the people around him. He has a lot of common sense. So, as soon as it became obvious that he was losing control of the booze, he eliminated it. He hasn’t had a drink since. He misses it, of course, but he never regrets his decision.

Two years ago, I confided in Steve  about my drinking. He told me that…

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