Update on the book: Predator; the Man Who Didn’t ‘t Exist

Well, I’ve just passed 516 pages. I think I will hit 600. It was not, and is not, my intention to have written the book that long. Is simply a fact that in order to cover the material in a fashion I wish to do, it will require a large number of pages. There are two major trials that I’m covering. One results in a life sentence; and the other results in a death sentence. There is a lot of testimony. There are interviews. There is a lot of research. I was told I have five books not one. I’m beginning to believe that.

I simply want the book to reflect the story correctly. Trying to pick out the important details and present them in a logical manner by combining data from all the resources that I have accumulated has been both exciting and frustrating. With each word that I type, with each detail that I reveal, I’m concerned that I could be overdoing or underdoing. Each word written is like stepping off of a cliff and hoping that, instead of falling, I will find sure footing even though I cannot see it before me. Well, I have more to write.

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