Midnight Rain

I’m standing outside in a midnight rain

Naked living in a mortal flame

There where no one can see me in my shame

Surrounded by a darkness most intense

Within which no one sees me buckle from the pain.

As cold rain—an old rain mixes with

What tears are left

What tears can be shed

What tears can be bled

As the cold rain, —an old rain

Mixes with the salt of tears

And bathes me in chilling water

While searching out the host of fears

And no one can see me

No one can see me there

Crouched down, naked, breathing out a steam

To standing alone in a cold, old rain

Bathed in chilling water

From ancient wells come forth.

And no one is looking there

No one hears the blessing said

Over the ritual knife to be fed

And drenched in chilling waters

Where I stand alone in a midnight rain

And there I plunge the dagger into my troubled heart.         November 11, 2013