May This Dream Never Happen (Dream #2)

Another great poetic story line.


I had this dream on August 3, 2017 and I just couldn’t start writing it because it still scares me. I probably had other dreams that night but this was the only dream i remember.

I arrived on a seminar and there were already other people occupying the seats. I knew no one, and I sat on an unoccupied seat near the aisle. As I sat, some people were talking, some where simply waiting for the seminar to start. After a while i saw someone lying on the floor, she was wearing a green and polo shirt. I am not sure if others saw her yet, but later on i saw people coming to assist her. She looked unconscious, and i thought they would put her on a stretcher but then they took her arm, and had her stand up. She was unconscious, people were just pushing her to keep…

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