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Well, just a note to say that I am very tired and I don’t really know why. Really. I don’t. Perhaps it has something to do with my sleeping on the floor last night Anyway, I am taking in some amino acid supplements and hope they will help get me out of this fog.  I was told that they would and, of course, I also heard it on the internet and we all know that what ever we hear on the internet MUST be true. I can tell you that whiskey and CC over ice do not help.

So, what are we here for today? Well, first off I want to thank those who have commented on my blog, or who are challenging me, or who have just decided to try and irritate me for no other reason than it seems like a good idea.


1.) OM is Opinianated Man: one of this entries about life can be found at

And that is worth the time to look up and to read. He also writes with the name: Harsh Reality

2)   NOTE: I have reblogged her.


Is an excellent piece to start with researching this writer.




These are all interesting places with strong writing drawn from raw emotions pounding out a beat  that will keep you engaged with questions long past your reading what they have produced.

.com, Amazon, and at Barnes & Noble.













If I could… (Friday Night Poetry Corner #142)

KG Bethlehem

This will be a rather unusual poetry corner. I will begin with an opening line to one of my works and I want to see you can add a follow up line to it. Also in comments, guess from the picture on this post along with my initial line, what the poem could be about.

Next week I will complete this work. Happy thinking…
If I could..
if i could see the edge of humanity as it stood apart from me.

-K. G. Bethlehem

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Listening for Gods word

While I am not a “religious” type, I am a spiritual type. I don’t believe that organized reality is actually reality. I find too many “holes” in it and I have yet to find anyone who could or can return an honest answer to an honest question. That said, an interesting area to read with lots of connections to other bloggers is at:

A Poem About Depression

Very powerful.

In my younger and more vulnerable years

Sometimes you can’t see the floor,
Sometimes there’s only one top or a vest,
But this time there’s more,
And the carpet is the seabed to a fabric ocean,
It’s as much a mystery to me as my own mind.

Mind you that’s fine, that’s fine, I’m fine,
Not fine as in the void between good and bad,
but fine as in the tip of an ink pen,
Narrow and thin and sharp.
I’m drawing a line in the sand,
I’m fine with being not fine,
but I’m fine.

When that human drive to do isn’t there,
Even standing is a chore,
so is brushing your teeth or your hair,
do you even care?
Why? Why should I care?
When my brain makes things seem so bloody unfair,
why should I try if the only thing I don’t sigh at is the sight of my ceiling at 5pm?

When you’re…

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A feeling of expectation and desire for a particular thing to happen.

In my younger and more vulnerable years

We’re studying gender bias in psychology at the moment. Gender bias is a form of bias that occurs when one genders behaviour is perceived as the norm for all genders. So for example, in the US some clinicians were found to equate mentally healthy male adult behaviour with mentally healthy adult behaviour. This lead to many more women being diagnosed with schizophrenia and other mental health disorders, as their normal mentally healthy behaviour, differs in part to their male counterparts’.

I want to discuss the presidential election. I do not wish to shower hate over the presidential elect Donald Trump because I’ve done that. And it may feel good to let those emotions and opinions out but it’s not a way to move forward.
I’m sad Hilary lost. Simply I’m sad because I thought her economic and immigration plans were better, I’m sad because she is more than qualified for the…

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