Listening for Gods word

While I am not a “religious” type, I am a spiritual type. I don’t believe that organized reality is actually reality. I find too many “holes” in it and I have yet to find anyone who could or can return an honest answer to an honest question. That said, an interesting area to read with lots of connections to other bloggers is at:



The wind swirls about me
Climbing mountains, I listen
As the wind swirls, whispering to my soul
The trees whisper, speaking gently
Showing me the way
I’ve been climbing everyday
Great peaks, running through the forest
I’m tired my body is climbing
There is a sense of peace
Scampering fallen rocks, I hear my heart beating
The wind swirls about me
Many thoughts, as I come to terms with life
Difficult situations, yet I feel grounded, peace
The chill of the icy wind swirls about me

So many missing pieces of life
Catch up with me now, yet life is changing
The old pages of life, get tucked away
Binding the old story, safely away
Now a new chapter is being written let things go, I’ve let people go

The cleansing of life is not easy
My heart tells me, it’s the right thing to do
Casting out isn’t…

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