Back From the Writers Digest Conference!

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I have not posted anything in the last few days because I have been busy at the 2017 Writers Digest Conference in New York City, and it was a great time! If you are a writer, and you want to learn more about the world of publishing and to have an opportunity to pitch to agents, then I recommend this conference to you.

I attended many sessions with publishing professionals and writers, and I learned something useful at each session, including about writing, marketing, and various other aspects of the world of publishing.  I met and networked with other writers, and that was also extremely important and valuable. To those I met, it was delightful, and I hope we keep in contact.



Perhaps the most exciting event was the Agent Pitch Slam, which is essentially like speed dating, with a strictly enforced 3 minute maximum with each agent…

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Phases in Life of an Introvert

Interesting thoughts. Thanks for sharing.

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a39a20265eabee2e4799ec5206f3612cSeems like everything is okay with Introverts? Well! May be it is not what you are seeing because everything is chaotic in an introvert’s life even if it looks like everything is okay. People take introverts differently, look at them like they’re from some other planet or maybe they don’t look at all. Kind of scaring huh! Yes, it is… Believe me! Nothing is ever okay in an Introvert’s life, from changing display pictures on social sites to describing “what is on your mind?” everything looks complex.

I was an introvert from childhood or may be my silence has made me like this… whatever! I had bad experiences more than the good ones. From school life to college life (which is going on), I didn’t have any good friends and the ones I had I lose them. I am sad about it… but not having any good people in life…

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Kuhn’s debut true-crime story shows how a violent man’s life led him to death row.

The author uses interviews and other sources to piece together the life of Delmer Smith, a seasoned career criminal awaiting execution in Florida. Smith was born in Detroit in 1971, on the cusp of the city’s economic decline. By age 14, he was convicted of raping a woman at a carwash where he worked. The 18 months that he spent in a juvenile reformatory dashed any possibility of rehabilitation; instead, he learned “how to be more proficient as a criminal” as he became “a creature without a conscience.” As a young adult, Kuhn writes, Smith carried out burglaries, carjackings, and bank robberies, which eventually led to a 15-year incarceration. After his second prison stint, he moved to Florida; there, Kuhn writes, Smith assaulted and beat multiple women—all the while leading a double life…

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