My Daddy’s Old Ford Truck

My Daddy’s Old Ford Truck

I remember the nights when I asked for the keys
To my daddy’s old ’49 Ford truck
It only had the front seat and an empty open space behind
The tail gate had long been rusted off
Above the tire wells the sides had holes rusted through
Where a family of squirrels had set in a pile of oak leaves
And Dad said it was just a bit of luck
For them and for me to have a point of remind
That a home could be anyplace and at anytime
And you sat so pretty in a summer dress so near
While we watched a movie on the open air drive-in screen
And finished off two six packs of some horrible cheap beer
While other pairs in cars and trucks all open to the night air
Also paid little attention to the open air movie screen
But huddled and kissed and made love if they had luck
Yes, I remember my daddy’s old ’49 Ford truck
And you so petty in your summer dress sitting so near.
July 26, 2018

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