The Visitor

She came in the still dark of night
Silent, gentle, and turned off the tabled light
Leaving the apartment in a soft and low-level glow
From the moon creeping in thru a blanketed cloud
Peering thru grime swathed window panes allowed
Casting shadows dancing on paint thirsty aged walls
That overtime had seen good and bad life calls
Soaking up the laughter, anger, and the tears
And she slipped in and out of her clothes there
Lit a cigarette and offered it up to share
It glowed and lit her face as she took a strong draw
Her beauty was in that room and was all that I saw
While the moonlight swaddled us all around
Outdoors the rain began to pound the ground
We sat locked in stillness and listened to the rain
Where in the naked quiet that surrounded us, we shared our pain
And, in truth, I never knew her name.

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