Who and Where is God part 1? This Answer changed my life!

This is a very thoughful piece. I hope religiousity doesn’t cause an error in thought with this post. I think it well put together and the blog itself is an excellent vehicle to cause discussions and learning to take place.

I Feel Sometimes..

Sometimes I feel the same way. Being creative can be painful.

Bittersweet turns

I feel sometimes that my creativity is diminishing,
I see new people, with their talent,
their immerse engrossing talent,
and I am mesmerised,
but a little scared;
I think it’s my lowered self confidence,
or my tiny self esteem knocking me back in the stomach,
twisting my intestine, begging for my courage to show up.
I really don’t know what I am afraid off.
The people?
My friends?
My family?
Or my own self?
I feel sometimes that this insecurity is just in my head,
that this Wallflower will bloom not just in early springs,
but anytime,
vanishing my existence.

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Go Forth and Multiply

Interesting post.


My fallopian tubes have been tied

To the idea that I must go forth and multiply

Much of what is expected of me

Is to be a garden and sow someone’s seeds

But we have been given the ability

To know the world is overpopulated

There are already flowers in every corner

Reaching for light and dying of thirst

So why must I be responsible for birth

SWD 08/2018

Sunday night’s episode of Sharp Objects touched a nerve when the women in the garden began telling Camille she will never fully know love or that her heart will have a piece missing until she feels life grow inside of her. They also said something a long the lines of “religion and science both tell us that giving birth is the purpose of women.” It took everything I had for my eyes not to roll out of my head.

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Back to basics – week 58

An excellent link is included in this to a site worth looking at if you write.

Learning to write

The idea, from the start of this blog, was to get better at writing; In my mind, it was to get better at the technical side of writing – the punctuation and grammar.

I have been somewhat successful in learning the craft, and I make a lower range of mistakes than I used to. However, overall I am still making quite a few mistakes, especially when I am writing fast and not concentrating.

I make a lot of errors with commas, most of the time it is a missing comma after the introductory clause or a missing comma in a compound sentence. Admittedly, the ‘rules’ for commas are the most complicated, even at 100% concentration. I don’t think I could write with flawless grammar and punctuation, mostly because of commas.

Back when I started, I used to practice using this website. It helped me improve, but one of the…

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Friday 3.22.19 & New Poem

Another Friday. Another morning. Decisions to be made.

The property in Albany, GA has a contract on it. Wow, cannot believe how fast that happened. It just all fell in place within less than a week.


Beyond the window glass
Just there across the green cut grass
Dark blue and grey lies our pond that is filled with life
Pelted with a soft rain that sudden came
Leaving the surface dimpled, breaking the smoothness
Near a group of water birds that sat and pruned their feathered bodies
To dry off the wet from a recent dive for a fish for food
While an alligator who had been asleep in the sun was awakened
Disturbed it slid in off the bank in search of something to eat
Then, tail side to side, slowly the hunt began
With only eyes above the surface
It worked its way toward the birds who turned to look.

Copyright 2019 by Gordon Kuhn


When politics are in play!

Very strong, emotional, and simply elegant.

Silent Songs of Sonsnow

When the politics are in play
With one interest over another,
Will our cause be a card?
To be played among the Politicians?

When the world rolls over the golden ball
With all eyes open to grab it with a glimpse,
Will they see the smokes rising from a far distance?
Will they hear the screams from the invisible cells?

When the leaders lined one after another
With a split seconds smiles,
Will they share the truth of tyranny?
Will they care the cry of a commoner?

When the borders and boundaries are marked
With a line of arms and ammunition,
Will the truth get a gate pass?
Will justice be done in favor of freedom?

When the world lust for money and power
With all in once shaking each other’s hand,
Will the wellbeing of commoners be considered?
Will they still stand strong with Truth and Justice?

When the…

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