STAR RENDEZVOUS With Yummy Tummy Aarthi

I think this is a fun blog to visit. Hope you all enjoy as I did.

Merry Motherhood

Friends, Romans and Countrymen,

I’m pleased, honored and super-excited to host the first episode of Star Rendezvous featuring Mrs.Aarthi Satheesh, who is popularly known to the cyberspace as Yummy Tummy Aarthi. Aarthi, despite being a world-class food blogger with more than a million followers swarming around her foolproof recipes, is gracefully simple and down-to-earth in nature.

Interviewing Yummy Tummy Aarthi became one of the priorities on my bucket list since the inception of Merry Motherhood blog. Being an amateur blogger, I had my own doubts and dilemmas when I approached Mrs.Aarthi for this interview. To my surprise, she joyfully accepted my request in one go and her respect for my passion is indeed an icing on the cake. (Food pun unintended, LoL).

The fun part about this interview is that the entire conversation is based on her role as a mother cum mom blogger, with only little reference…

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