Writing at 2 AM

I was trying to write with a dictation program that’s in the computer. Well that didn’t work. So I switched to Dragon. It’s a little less frustrating, but still frustrating for some reason rather it doesn’t want to work with this program. So why did I come here at two a.m. I guess because I wanted to write. I wanted to write something profound. I wanted to write something unique. But now that I’m sitting here my mind is a blank. So why don’t I just go back to bed. The fact is that I was listening to Bob Dylan and it’s got my mind all stirred up so I can’t really just go back to bed. But probably in a few minutes I will be able to.

So what about poetry. I get some great ideas running through my mind. The problem is if I want to publish them professionally I can’t post them here. Why? Because a lot of magazines consider that to be preventing them from having first rights I guess. Who knows. It’s two a.m.

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