I completely support the Constitution of the United States and will defend it and the flag of my nation to the death. You might say I’m a Ronald Reagan conservative.

I am a United States Marine, out of uniform, disabled due to injuries sustained during my service to and for the people of this great nation. I am a Viet Nam Vet. I am a Cuban Missile Crises Vet.

I hold a Master of Accountancy from USF where I also taught for ten years for both the department of accountancy as well as the department of information science.

I am a writer, a poet and novelist. I have been published in trade magazines and look forward to having my first novel published within the not too distant future.

I am married to a wonderful woman and am blessed with many close and warm acquaintances.

My wife and I own alpacas. We shear them once a year and sell the fleece or use it in our own products. We share a store front with close friends in Georgia.

We share our home with two Great Pyrenees who were rescued from a puppy mill in Northern Missouri. We love them to pieces. Sadly, we had to put down our Beagle Mix who we found on the highway about 13 years ago. She was a great dog and we miss her. I dread the day when we lose the big guys.

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