Poetry and Random Thoughts 073017/0608

There is a difference, I think, from the common to the uncommon. Yet, in many cases they appear side by side as twins. Just a subtle difference here or there can determine the difference that you and I cannot perceive on the surface. But isn’t that the problem? Isn’t it how we perceive what we consider to be4 reality?

I have, since early childhood, wondered how you and I see color. A teacher points at a chart and says, “That is blue.” Really? Think about this for a moment. The teacher has an assigned role to play and relies upon her belief and understanding of common versus uncommon. And yet, how do we know if her understanding is correct?

If she says that the object she is pointing to is blue you record that in your mind as being blue. But what if her perception of blue is more tinted with green in your mind. So every time you look at item that in your mind has green in it or perceive it as such then when called upon to point at blue in a test you we pointing at something which in your mind is blue and yet in reality is blue-green  to her but she perceives it as blue because she sees everything put before her as blue being blue and yet her mind approaches the color she sees as being blue-green.

I mean, seriously, how can we come to the belief that what you see versus what I see is actually correct.

In another example, I just fell asleep while sitting here and dreamt I was at a seminar. The hotel that we were staying at was very nice and had a very large swimming pool. Everyone was swimming and so I decided to join in. I just now realized that I was the only one in the swimming pool that was naked but neither I nor anyone else recognized that fact until in my mind I just now realized that I was naked. The reason is because I remembered that in my dream I did not have any swimming suit with me. But in my mistaken reality I and everyone there had a swimming suit on. So, if by chance, you happen to go swimming the question then becomes are you wearing a swimming suit or are you naked.

So, I guess, the real question is quite simply: what is reality?



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Marc writes: My good friend Joey once told me, “Religion is for people who don’t want to go to hell and spirituality is for people who have already been to hell and don’t want to go back.”

You know something? I like that. However, and this is not a criticism, but for some this might be a bit too rich in religion. Just sayin’. I like the site. I think it is an honest site and worth visiting.


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Revelation Project 316

If you are seeking a religious experience, I would like to suggest that you visit the following site:


I think having a spiritual relationship with the creative forces that surround us at all times is important to us for a variety of reasons. Yet, I know that there are some of you who will grow cold at seeing this and even colder at visiting her site. But I think you are missing out on something much broader and more important than you would give credit to. In any event, I am not here to teach, preach, or annoy. I am here to share and share I shall.


Rags by the Door
Copyright 2013 Gordon Kuhn
Poet in the Rain, All rights reserved.

It’s fucking 3 AM!
I growl at it
—I growl at him,
There, the reflection by the door.
I should be in bed!

I should be in bed, but I’m not.
I’m not!
I’m drinking beer,
At a solitary party.
And it’s fucking 3 AM!

What would they say,
If they would know?
What would they think?
That the injury is so thin?
And yet they cannot even see,
The shadow by the door,
The bundle of rags,
Left by me years before,
Left in a pile,
Added to each day.
Just inside the door.
The injury is so much more.
The injury is so damn much more.

Over there,
Beside the door.
It rises up,
And speaks its mind
Once more.
Its rush is to remind,
To drive the dagger of memory
Deeper cut than before.

Don’t tell me to hush!
I‘ll tell you in a rush.
Just who the hell are you?
To speak to me from way back when.

Give me a piece of cheese.
Give me my bottle standing there.
Don’t you dare judge me.
If you please.
If I please.
I’ll drink it down
In a gulp.
It’s fucking 3 AM.

The beggar lays there,
Lays there near the door.
All crumpled, he lays upon the floor,
And wants me to comply with his wish
To visit spaces known to him,
Known to him and thought I so very dim
In my mental category of time and dates
Known to him, but lived by me.
And it’s fucking 3 AM.
And I rail at him.
And I rail at me.
And I drink my beer
And it’s fucking 3 AM.

And thus clouds fell upon the mind
To straight up fog the evil from design
The melancholy from repentance fled
And acted as if the soul were dead.

Twice spoke the prophets to the crowds
Twice came the loud resound
And there and then the prophets died
And there and then all were denied.

God Went for a Walk.

Copyright 2013 Gordon Kuhn
All rights Reserved

I woke to hear a rooster throw
Its head back to announce
The coming of the dawning day
Before a hungry cat did sudden pounce
And ran off all the silly school children
Who squealing terror passed me by
Who had ventured out with games to play
But could not stand to watch the rooster die
Nor understand as nature went her natural way
And watching wondered then I about it all
What place within this lack of walls
Should shelter me from asking then
For certain someone told me way back when
I thought it odd with all so very wrong
That God should simply take a walk
And fail to ask me to come along. June 19, 2013