Yes, it is true, even cookies have birthdays, The Oreo is 100 years old today. You can check out the celebrations at Kraft Kitchens. Looking for inspiration or recipes you can find both plus a lot more at Kraft Kitchens where the Oreo actually has a headquarters location. So, congratulations to the Oreo at 100, we should all be so good lookin’ and milk dripping, dipping great at that age. Just think age 100 and still people are sucking on them.


Ah, once again, the cookie brigade is set loose by the leaders and the mom’s and dad’s of girl scouts everywhere to descend on as many people as possible to sell cookies for which the return to the kids is tiny. Like school programs that sell magazines and trinkets it is the kids who are used to make profit for these organizations and the parents and neighbors are forced by guilt to participate.