Where the hell does the money go?

Homes being built. Big homes. Small homes. Homes. Owners pay taxes. County says not getting enough money. I say “BULL” everyone of these houses pays in a fat tax and yet I don’t see any County workers doing anything around here. Sheriff says has to cut out some services as doesn’t have any money. What????? Where is the money going. If ten houses are built and each of them dumps $2,000 into the tax base = $20,000. I don’t see anybody from the county earning $20,000 in my neighborhood. Nope, cop drives thru and waves twice a day. So, is that where the $20,000 went so the guy could drive thru here and wave at us? And what about the over ten homes = $20,000 and the next ten and the next ten. Where in the hell does the money go?????