England’s Warning to the United States



I find differences can be exasperating at times. Sometimes the gap is too significant to toss a rope across, to far to settle someplace in the middle. Such was today. I know, I know, I am a fighter, and I am or can be controversial because I’m not afraid to say what I think. And there simply are somethings I cannot subscribe to and today an event happened for which I am sad but still firmly resolute in my belief that my actions taken were correct.

So, what happened? Well, it started with the blog, really. Yep. I posted a comment about Zero and a gentleman living in England swept in to attack from an angle that had nothing to do with the original comment which was about Obama deciding a law was unconstitutional. Well, folks, Obama is NOT all three departments of the government. What is and what is not Constitutional is decided by other people, not Obama.

Anyway, in sweeps Mr. Liberal from England and he starts in saying maybe we can bring Bush, Rumsfeld, and Cheney up on charges for torture. Now, you have to understand that Mr. Liberal made his living as a designer of military equipment…..i.e.: he was a weapons designer.  So I asked him how much blood does he have on his hands. He said he never broke the law. I said people like you hide behind desks and wear nice clean white shirts while walking around with your nose in the clouds pretending and appearing self righteous wherever you go and  others go out and do the job. So, reality, I told him perhaps if he wants to drag Bush and company in for trial maybe he should support bringing the Queen of England in and subject her to the same fate as he wishes on Bush, Rumsfeld, and Cheney. I also told him that I consider him to be a weapons merchant of the lowest quality, one who denies that any death from his weapons designs are his fault, that he has blood on his hands. But Mr. Liberal doesn’t get it, which is the case with most Liberals, they want someone else to fight their battles, it is beneath them, and then they turn on them. My thoughts: the weapons designer from England is as much a killer as the person who pulled the trigger. He didn’t like that. Aw, too F’ing bad. And if anyone needs to be drug into a court for international war crimes he is my top pick.


I have had several online conversations with individuals, many from the UK, who blame the USA for the troubles in the mideast. I have to remind them that these problems started a long time ago (they need to consult the old testament) and these people living over there for the most part live in the 6th Century.  I also have to tell them that it was the UK who is responsible for having set up multiple countries through colonialization.  Pakistan and Inda once were one nation and England ruled there.  But, nope, to these idiots its all the fault of American CIA ops.