Wednesday and Two Tours in Vietnam!

Good Wednesday to you all! For me it started with being startled out of my sleep. That was because I had a rough night and needed more sleep and my wife had to wake me because I had a breakfast meeting to go to. So, I changed the time and met a buddy about an hour later than normal. He is a former Army Medic that did two tours in Vietnam.

He had wanted to be a doctor. He joined the Army and requested training in field medical. He then did two tours as an airborne medic. He saw enough blood and gore to end his desire for being a medical doctor. He is loaded with PTSD. Sad, really, I think he would have been a good physician.

Jan and I are both tired from driving to and from Georgia. Just a long trip surrounded by idiots either driving too fast or too slow.

One thing I will never understand is that near the Florida/Georgia border their is activity by both the Florida Highway Patrol but on the Georgia side they are like a bee hive that has been whacked with a stick and the idiots on the highway just go flying along. Between the border and Tifton it is a good chance to see (on both sides N and S) five to six cars pulled over. One would think that would slow things down. The answer is NO they just go flying along oblivious to the stops.

We have a radar detector but always drive within the speed limit. I just don’t understand these other people. And then, you will occasionally see not just one cop car with a stop but two and three on one car. Now why would someone want to bring dope into either state. Stupid. They are waiting for you.

Anyway, that’s it for today. Tired. Already irritated a nephew who is anti-gun, anti-Catholic, anti-Irish, and anti-Jewish. So I shall retire into the sunshine. Until tomorrow.

Story Medic

Okay, well, here’s an interesting personality: Story Medic. His “about page” on Gravatar says he lives with a friend and a rabbit in a log cabin. How cool is that? He says they have a can of drinking chocolate between them.

He says he is a writer, a ghost writer. Very cool.

After visiting there you can  pop over to:

And there you can get your motivation tweaked a bit. What he writes is true.

My only criticism is his choice of colors for the pages. Uplifting should be bright and cheerful, not boring and gray. But each to his own. I am sure he can find somethings wrong here



Good morning, afternoon, evening!….I have a lot of followers from all over the world. Some of you may be celebrating Thanksgiving and some of you may not. Even so, I wanted to write you and say thank you for following this site. I have over 700 people following this site. That is quite a lot and I am honored to have you here

As a writer, I need to have people read what I write. Without you I am just someone sitting at a computer wasting time.

You are what is important to me individually and collectively. You power my day and my nights. Knowing you are there keeps me interested in what I do and hoping that what I do gives you pleasure. Otherwise, why do it.

So, regardless of what you are doing this day or this night when you read this, regardless of where you are; I want you to know that I am glad you are out there and I want to hear from you. I also am inviting you to my new site. And, I want you to please subscribe there and make comment to me. I need your support and I need your input into what I am doing. So, don’t be shy.  Thanks again, Gordon.

My new blog and bookstore is located at

Back Surgery

19 days past major back surgery to L4-L5. I had a fusion and laminectomy . I have been suffering since 1980 when I fell in a theatrical program. It was a fight scene and I was being pushed off stage and fell backwards over a chair that should not have been there.   Then I had to get up and go back out on stage and do several other scenes. After that happened I suffered for years with sciatic pain, numbness, and partial paralysis of my left leg. I have been in constant pain from then until now. But  following the surgery, my left leg has recovered and I find it easier to walk which had become a problem as my legs were going weak on me. I was fearful that I was going to be in a wheelchair soon.

One Way Healthier

Okay! Looking for information about healthy living???? I found one. It is One Way Healthier and it can be found at:

In today’s world we need all the help we can get when it comes to the foods we eat. We live in a fake food world. We have refined sugars and plastic food items that are made from combing chemicals to get something. From what I understand McDonald’s french fries never seem to rot. That is pretty scary that we are putting such in our systems.

Well, anyway, check out One Way Healthier… it just might help you , who knows, I am  going to start following them. I need all the  help I can get!

MICKEY PAMO —– Karma Life Readings ……A SPECIAL TREAT!

OH MY GOD! Okay everyone, stand by, this is one incredible site that I have come across. I am blessed to have her following me because that event introduced me to her. On the notice to me that she was following me there are three links to her work. Each page is beautifully done. She is a wonderful artist and writer. Of all the blogs I’ve read this woman’s standout. Absolutely incredible. You have to visit each page to see what I’m talking about. Here is the primary link:

Raindrops Falling

Raindrops Falling
Copyright 2013 Gordon Kuhn
All rights reserved, The Poet in the Rain.

Thick, fat, doomed rain drops
Falling blindly from the sky
Not knowing they will die
Thumping drops
Bumping drops
Hunting drops
For a dry place to land
Falling still
Not know they will die
And spread out on the landing
The zone of impact
A body falling
Falling in the rain
Falling in the pain
Falling with the stain
That cannot be erased
Undone. 10/6/2013

Whatever is Fun?

Whatever is Fun?
A Poem by Gordon Kuhn, Poet in the Rain
Copyright 2013 All rights reserved by Gordon Kuhn

Wish they were lost in the rain
But, instead
They follow me, and I lick the pain
I am tricked to believe
That somehow
It will all go and leave me
To be just
Instead the battle grows
And I
Am losing ground, life blows
When you
Are having fun?
But then I’m done
So what is fun?
The stain
Flows deep, dark, black red
As if
I were truly, really dead
Cut me
Cut myself and see it run
See it leave
Like it was really done
Really done
Whatever is fun? 10/6/13


I’ve not been up to writing much these past few days. The reason simply is that I’m still processing a friend’s death. I didn’t expect it to bother me as much as it has. The cancer was aggressive and reduced him to probably 100 pounds of skin and bone. I’ve seen  death before. That’s not the problem. The problem is dealing with the frustration of knowing that it was a needless death brought about by the incompetency of the medical professional who was overseeing his medical care at the VA. That plus the rude and callous attitude of the clerk at the regional offices. So tomorrow night there is a viewing followed by a celebration of life followed by food being served at his cousin’s house. It’ll be good to see mutual friends but sad in remembering and missing our friend. So once this is passed I will be back to writing and posting so just please bear with me for the next few days..