Bacon and eggs and coffee, please.

So, there you have it. Breakfast in a world where many have nothing to eat and there are those who blame us for that tragedy and yet the “old world” was established for a very long time and mostly lives in pre-Christian  terms. America became independent, went to work, used capitalism, not socialism or communism and definitely not under a dictatorship government to get to be where we are today. Yet, there are those who want to toss all that away out of fear that someone might come along and kill them. Well, get real people, there are people out there that will kill you just because that is the goal and sucking up to them isn’t going to save your ass but challenging them and fighting for what we have here will at least give us a chance. If you believe that socialism or communism is great then for goodness sakes don’t let the door smack you in the ass going to where those economies are. You want to live in a dust bowl with killers running around then go, but please don’t expect everyone else to follow your hysteria while you drop your drawers so you can be violated by thugs.


Monday morning and another Christmas has slid past with children’s smiles a mile wide at times underneath parents warm gazes and amidst phrases said a million times before.  Dishes filled with tasty treats, and lots of meats that somehow vanished amid holiday traditions and numerous renditions of comments and songs so carefully and lovingly shared for a moment in time most of the world stopped and cared about the neighbor down the street and smiled as we went out and came to meet those whom we pass regularly without but without recognitions being passed.  Christmas, while I dislike you most happily I am that you are past while wishing the feelings would remain throughout the years.