Twisted 3

Rescue parties went up rarely. They did so only to satisfy the frantic pleadings of family members who sought out the missing and most of them had remained behind not being brave enough to search themselves.

The hunters went reluctantly. They went up old trails that were well worn by the many boot-covered feet that hurried towards the summit and then back down again. The climbers stumbled over rocks and sent showers of pebbles down on those coming up from behind. At various points, some would turn back telling the others it was only for the foolish to continue climbing. They all knew they could not stay on the mountains for long and never past twilight.

So, as the anxiety rose in their ranks, searchers disappeared back down the mountainside into the mists until only a few would remain climbing and searching. Then, those remaining would turn as almost one person and, without looking about themselves, rush back down to the center of Never More where the search party would be quickly disbanded amidst the anguished sobbing of family and friends. But there was nothing any of them could do.

They all knew that if they found the runners at all, they would be found to be quite mad. Each would be found speaking to someone unseen. Froth foaming on their lips. It was as though some terror stood before them that only the runners could see as they begged to have their lives either spared or taken to avoid looking at the horror anymore.

Some fleeing made it over the top, but no searcher ever went looking further on in the mists at the mountains top. No one knew what lay beyond. Only a few runners made it to the summit and then beyond. The searchers all worried as evening approached and darkness began to surround them. They had to get back to the town where they would be safe or, at least where they felt safe.

However, they never really were safe there or anywhere, they simply pretended that to be the case. The truth of it was that even those who crossed the final ridge between this valley and that were not only never seen alive or heard from again, but that their skins and blood could be found back in the township far below in their very own cabins as if they had never left and, in reality, perhaps they never had.

Those driven mad were simply left to be by themselves and soon died screaming. The message was clear; there was no escaping the town named Nevermore.

But it wasn’t always that way. Those who knew the story said it all began when a young girl had gotten lost up on the mountain in the mists. Rosealine Pond was just twelve and ran away from abusive parents. She met someone in the mists on the mountain and the result transformed her into, well, let’s say, someone who could be your worst nightmare and she became the ruler of the town named Nevermore as her spiderlike web of power and fear slowly descended over the valley.

That was 500 years ago.

Kindness Blog…not for the faint at heart.

Okay, this is not for the faint at heart. This is a very serious site. I would advise for tissue and for a moment… no several moments set aside for thought.

This makes me go to the angry side of myself.

This is about brutality and it is about love. This, to me, is the raw evidence that the Muslim faith is not a faith of love and kindness but a brutal oppression of those who are the weakest among its society. But then we have the next view of life at:

So, life is not as bad as it might be but for some who will extend a helping hand and umbrella while getting themselves soaked for the pleasure of knowing they helped another person and did not have to do it, weren’t paid, and didn’t ask for anything in return..

and then we have:

So, there you have it. We move from horror to wonder. Where are you? Who are you? I am not sure where or who I am after these three tags.

Two for the price of one: rarehorror & rejstephensonblogs

Want to know about the 10 Goriest Slashers of the 80s? Yes? No? Hey, how about this, 10 Super Cheesy 80s Horror VHS Covers? Err, okay, how about Let’s Scare Jessica to Death 10 1971…..not to mention all the spin off horror type stuff to keep you awake. Well, you can find all that and more at:


This next is a thoughful blogger;

not that the last wasn’t, but a different kind of thoughtful. The message is there. You simply have to open it and understand it on your own level as it is not just as plain as someone might expect or wish for.





Found! A part time Unicorn! Sara C Roethle

Did I just write that I had found a part-time Unicorn? Yep. At least that is what Sara C. Roethle has said about herself. She said that she is a writer (she lists her books by the way…nice covers Sara! good line up). She is in the young adult horror category. Damn, maybe that is where I should try to  put something as she is doing very well. She has 6 books listed.

Her site?                 

and then there is:

So, hey, if you a young adult who is into horror then tag on to her and see if she has written something appealing to you. I am not a young adult, but I do like horror stories so I may slip in and buy something from her but I just won’t mention my age.