Lesser Angels Watched and Wondered

And so it came to pass in those days following the birth of Jesus that lesser angels sat with wings tucked and watched from atop mountains and housetops as innocents were slain in Herod’s great search for the baby born to be King of Kings. Micah was one such angel, and he spoke to those close to him while he sat hunched against the chill wind that swept unprotected hills and over the towns roofs and down passageways empty of those who lived there who hid behind locked doors afraid to venture out into the dark of night. “Friends,” he said softly, aware that thinking such was likened to harboring dangerous thoughts, “is that not Joseph, Mary, and the Babe moving slowly below us on the path towards Egypt?”

The others nodded in affirmation over this fact.  “And yet, I find it interesting that he who is our master should allow his human born son, blessed inheritor of one of the three, to go forth with no protection. And so it is that the mother flees with the child to protect that which God created but will not protect while innocents die.”

He turned and looked to the  others who sat still watching him as the dark of night closed about them.

Tattooed Wishes

Tattooed Wishes
Copy Write 2011 by Gordon Kuhn
You will understand this event
I’m sure.
While driving around looking for a parking spot,
bushes blocking the view,
slowed to make sure the way was clear
another car slid into view
And so I held my spot
‘till he then slid on past
but the shock of being startled spread across and on my face
led him to believe he could rooster walk
across my bow while I waited to drive into a space
that he now walked past and blocked
and all the while I wanted to kill the son-of-of-bitch
and the feeling went from bad to worse
when another driver took the spot I’d waited for
while he continued to give the look of threat
and I just wanted to smash his fucking face.
Me, angry?
Oh no, not me.

So, our cars almost collided.
You dumb bastard driving there
beneath stars and a growing dark
there, while for safety slowing,
we in the busy parking lot.
You were going West
and I was going South.
I was aimed at a parking space
and you were searching too.
We had plenty of choices
so the problem was the view
that blocked us from seeing the other
which was the mother of the trouble
and the beginning of the problem stew.
as our noses both were spotted
by the other when the allotted
space between we two grew smaller
and in irritation you then took the lead
to pass before and park your stinking car
while I sat in escalating await
and in troubled contemplation
and wondered what next to do.
Then, oh then, you hopped out from your car
and stared at me with such a haughty daring look
which was book to that which challenge said
and God I wanted to smash your fucking head
‘til you be found listless and nearly dead
but for the wife, yes, the wife saved your life
you impudent son-of-a bitch
who walked with such a swagger
across in front of me
and dagger eyes placed them upon me
as if to say, “come on, you ain’t so tough”
ah, Christ, the promised land I dearly wished I could have led
you to and dropped you off in front of Jesus
whom I sure would have understood I just had to
answer that haughty swagger look
and close both your eyes
with fisted tattooed black and blue
but for the wife, I would have had my due with you
and fist tattooed a nice black and blue.