Official Review: Predator; The Man Who Didn’t Exist; Do You Know How To Fly? Post Number:#1 by klbradley » Yesterday, 16:21 is an official review of “Predator; The Man Who Didn’t … Continue reading ONLINE BOOKCLUB REVIEW

PREDATOR (Forward & The cast) 12.14.15

FORWARD CONTINUED: A short-lived smile touched her lips. Her voice lowered, softened. She lit a cigarette, busying her fingers, took a deep draw on it, then blew the first exhale … Continue reading PREDATOR (Forward & The cast) 12.14.15


I am almost finished with a book I have been working on for 4 1/2 years  now. This book is about a killer, burglar, rapist, sadist, and who is now … Continue reading BLOG CHANGES