Random Thoughts 08.01.2017

And so, the day has gone
and took the hopes that once lived there
leaving me lost and empty, oh so empty
while images of anger roll in
like the waves from a troubled sea
and try as I may, the pain holds the day
as I sink ever lower each moment
looking back at the damage done
and wonder where the day has gone.

MICKEY PAMO —– Karma Life Readings ……A SPECIAL TREAT!

OH MY GOD! Okay everyone, stand by, this is one incredible site that I have come across. I am blessed to have her following me because that event introduced me to her. On the notice to me that she was following me there are three links to her work. Each page is beautifully done. She is a wonderful artist and writer. Of all the blogs I’ve read this woman’s standout. Absolutely incredible. You have to visit each page to see what I’m talking about. Here is the primary link:


Number 5 and the end of the series on manhood.

Okay, I admit that number 3 was a bit over the top. What I was attempting to do was draw out the fact that we are sexual creations and that we cannot rule that out in a definition. My problem is I have yet to be able to identify or develop a working definition and that is because I think it is impossible to do so. What one person may determine something to be does not mean it will be the same to another. So, why bother. Hmmm. I don’t know. Perhaps it is simply a desire to classify a commonality which will not be attainable. Maybe the answer lies in how each of us thinks and behaves. That is the point that I am attempting to get to by simply writing thoughts and not to shock or to cause anyone to be upset.  Unfortunately my eagerness to draw everyone out into a conversation with number 3 actually made myself appear in a negative light. Number three was a set up to draw conversation but it did not work. Experiments sometimes fail and that did. So, I am coming to the conclusion that I will not be able to come up with a definition and to return to my prior comments that is okay. What I have learned from this adventure is that what we define ourselves as being is what is important. What someone else thinks about us is really none of our business.

Number three in my wandering thoughts.

3. Sometimes our genitals get in the way.

I’ve come to believe that our genitals get in the way. Yes. Think about it for a second. We are a sexual creation. I think about sex. Do you think about sex? Hell yes you think about sex.

I can fieldstrip a woman with my mind in less than a second! Impressive, yes?

I wonder about her nooks and curves, her tastes, scents, her softness, moistness. Yep, I’m curious about her from head to toe and think about places I’d like to go and visit.  And don’t tell me you don’t either if you are man, well….there are some men who prefer men but I prefer women. I like the mystique. The wonder of it all.  Yep. It’s a wonderful thing, a woman.

And you know, sometimes I wonder what is going on in her head when she looks at me. Good lord, is she fieldstripping me too?


What is a man?

This is a question I’ve often entertained. Just what is a man? I mean to say, how do you identify or define what a man is? We are flesh and blood. Yes. I suppose you can say that. I suppose, also, that you can say we are made up of the same components that make up the earth for is it not true that all that we are physically comes from this planet? But what is the essence. What is the pure form of man, of maleness. And, ladies, please understand I am not leaving you out of my thoughts in terms of creation. I am trying to understand what being a man is. This is a personal quest, to understand, to come to some form of balance in my own mind of what a man is in terms of relationships and activities. Sexuality? Yes. But sexual preferences do not, I think, define what a man is. Nevertheless, it cannot be denied in terms of trying to understand what being a man is. So, the question is there. Care to respond?

I’m a man, I can fix anything.

Don’t have a spoon?

I can fix that!

Seatbelt broken?

I can fix that! (Is that a neck brace you have on?)

New TV too big for the old cabinet?

I can fix that!

No bottle opener?

I can fix that!

Room too dark using compact fluorescents?

I can fix that!

Electrical problem?

I can fix that!

Car stereo stolen?

I can fix that!

Bookshelf cracking under the weight?

I can fix that!

No ice chest?

I can fix that!

Can’t read the ATM screen?

I can fix that!

Car imported from the wrong country?

I can fix that!

Satellite go out in the rain?

I can fix that!

Electric stove broken & can’t heat coffee?

I fixed that.

Wiper motor burned out?

I can fix that!



Display rack falling over?

I can fix that!

Desk overloaded?

I can fix that!

Car can’t be ordered with the “Woody” option?

I can fix that!

Exhaust pipe dragging?

I can fix that!

Gotta feed the baby AND do the laundry?

I can fix that!

Cables falling behind the desk?
I can fix that!

No skate park in town?

I can fix that!

and – last but not least – – – –

Out of diapers? I can fix that!

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